I am an event manager who works for one of the Fortune 500 US-based companies. From time to time, we throw some awesome corporate, large-scale corporate events, as a gesture of appreciation to our employees. Yacht chartering is one of those!
— Mary Adwetto
Corporate Events
Having had a real handful of favorite pastimes over the course of my whole adult life, sailing was always front and center in such a list. So, when I found out about this yachts chartering service located just a few miles near my home, I was thrilled!
— Reginald Stanhow
Yacht Rentals
As a yacht owner, after either of my regular maintenance checkups, I oftentimes find it necessary to do this or that kind of a repair. The thing is that I don’t always have enough time (or sometimes the skill), to do all of the repairs all by myself…
— Albert Winning
Yacht Repairs